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  • Youmna El Halabi

Toronto R&B Singer/Songwriter Savannah Ré Stays "Solid"

I hope you’re ready to bop your head back and forth to a rhythm that will make you fall in love because Savannah Ré’s new single will put this kind of spell on you.

Toronto-based Savannah Ré came out with a new single on 28 Oct. titled “Solid,” with beautiful RnB, soulful beats and poetic lyrics.

“I need you to be solid (Solid)

Promise (Promise), promise (Promise)

That you won't bend or break (Or break)

Promise to me that you'll stay, babe”

The song reminds the listener that when we get in a relationship so passionate, so loving, you can’t help but also have doubts about whether it will last, or whether they’re going to stick through your ups, and down. “Solid” is a love letter to your partner, pillow talk about your relationship, and what you need for this to work. Although the love is deep, and passionate, the sentiment is also realistic.

“'Cause nothing last forever (Forever)

But I will take the weather

As long as we're together”

Echoing marriage vows when you promise to stick for better or worse, in sickness and in health, even if the concept of forever is impossible, what makes a relationship last is being there through it all.

The song inspires “ride or die” energy, when you need to know the person will be here for you no matter what, to be strong for you when you’re at your weakest and never leaving your side. To be solid. And isn’t that what we all wish from a partner?


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