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  • Mathieu Parent

Weekly Discoveries: Laroie, Tora, Eartheater, Emanuel & More


R&B/Soul, London

Tora is the new R&B/Soul sensation of right now based in London, UK. She released her first single last March “Vein'', which got pretty popular quickly. The 20-year old artist just launched an EP including songs like Vein, Call Your Name and Escape Room. We immediately fell in love with her charisma and soft voice. In an interview with I-D, she says her inspirations are Frank Ocean and Banks.


Pop, Montreal

Behind Laroie hides Gab Godon, half of the Heartstreets duo. The artist first unveiled her colours in May with the release of the first single “Selfless” and now continues with “Let Me Be”.

This second track, co-produced with Montreal producer Robert Robert, comes to life by transposing a mood, a dark and rhythmic atmosphere, a universe to reflect the importance of good self-listening, and following your instinct. The producer's melodies are gradually revealed with a certain restraint, which allows Laroie's voice to take its place and shine, not unlike the soulful sounds of R&B. With this song, Laroie expresses the feeling of control and the consequences that this generates, but above all the letting go and the need to remain true to yourself.

photo credit: Carole Methot


Electronic, New-York City

This artist from New-York City has been active for the past 11 years and has released three full-length solo albums. Two years ago, Pitchfork named her album IRISIRI one of "the best experimental albums of 2018." Her latest album Trinity was produced by six producers of NYC including AceMo and Tony Seltzer. She just released a new single called Below the Clavicle, a great late-night ballad.


R&B, Toronto

Toronto R&B star, Emanuel, released his first EP last June and already made his way to Apple Music’s Beats Artist of the Week and was announced as Spotify's first ever Canada-based artist for its global emerging artists program RADAR which just launched in Canada!

In a moment of global disillusionment as social unrest, race equality protests, and the crisis of a pandemic are weighing on the human spirit, Emanuel makes its poignant arrival, fulfilling the true purpose of the artist: to reflect the emotions and times they are living through. On releasing Session 1: Disillusion last June, Emanuel shared, “Debuting to the world on Juneteenth, a symbolic day in the celebration of freedom and emancipation for all enslaved Blacks in America, immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of love, hope and healing as the world shifts right before our very eyes.”


Alternative, London

This mysterious artist from London who was born in a musical family has piqued the curiosity of a lot of people with her latest EP called The Sleeping Prophet. This meaningful record who talks about the feeling of being overwhelmed by negative voices in your head has been some sort of healing for the artist who was struggling with mental health.

To detach herself from those demons, she personified and demonized it as a foreign entity. You can definitely feel her never-ending journey through self-love and acceptance in these lovely tracks. At only 23 years old, she has already defined herself through big inspirations like Björk, Little Dragon, Kate Bush, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, D’Angelo, David Bowie and Prince and she earned her spot in the UK.

Savannah Ré

R&B/Soul, Toronto

Toronto's skilled songwriter and talented dancer Savannah Ré who collaborated with GRAMMY Award-nominated producer, Boi-1da (Rihanna, Drake, Beyoncé) - is the new R&B artist to watch. With only four singles released on streaming platforms, her song Best Is Yet to Come has already crossed the 1M streams on Spotify. With a trained eye for capturing small details, Savannah Ré crafts songs that forfeit polished stories for authentic ones.


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