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  • Mathieu Parent

New Montreal Artist Soft Fabric Is Bringing Back Your Teenage Years With “I Miss You”

Laurence Lafond-Beaulne is Soft Fabric. She's also a Montreal based, award-winning musician, singer, songwriter and producer. She is half of the multi-award winning and multi Juno award-nominated band Milk & Bone who took home the Juno Award for Electronic Album of the Year in 2019. The duo (Laurence Lafond Beaulne and Camille Poliquin) has claimed a number of other awards and nominations including Adisq, Long Listed twice for the Polaris Music Prize, and Canadian Screen Awards. Musically proficient from a young age, Laurence creates not only pop music, but soundtracks for movies and documentaries. She collaborates and cowrites with a number of artists, her voice can be found on releases from Coeur de Pirate, Alex Nevsky, Karim Ouellet amongst others. She has composed and produced with the Cirque du Soleil and as an environmental activist, helped found ACT (artist-citizens on tour) a group that promotes eco-friendly practices and options in touring.

Today, Lafond-Beaulne is diverging her path again, embracing the fragility and the full spectrum of feelings that accompanies our journey through adolescence. She has nimbly reconstructed and self-produced her take on early 2000's hit single 'I Miss You" by Blink-182. "'I Miss You' is a nostalgic anthem for those of us who experienced their teenage years in the 2000's," notes Laurence. Soft Fabric manages to revisit the American band’s acoustic hit and makes it her own. With melancholic electronic textures and tender vocals, Soft Fabric takes you back to those teenage years to relive the beautiful, raw and intense emotions from the past.

“I Miss You” serves as a preview to 2021 when more solo music is expected from Soft Fabric.


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