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  • Mathieu Parent

10 Songs You Should Listen to This Week

Ten new releases you should listen to this week, without any order.

Les Louanges


Despite its decidedly sexy tunes that evoke Latin rhythms and the imminent arrival of sunny days, Pigeons is not a love song. With a clear voice and more inhabited than before, the multi-instrumentalist explores the theme of returning to normal life after having experienced the high of a long tour.



Jour 1

The duo describes “DAY 1” like this: “it's about processing by partying, and the clarity that sometimes comes with it.”



Jamais (J'aurais pensé)

We recognize him for his victory in a certain showcase competition, but we had already watched him. It is that indie-pop with the casual tweak of Vincent Dufour alias Valence simply catches the ear, without ever forcing it. An amalgam of warm colours and a nod to the clichés of soft-rock ballads, the proposal is forged around catchy and cosmic melodies, borrowing its density from neo-psychedelia and from dream pop, its ethereal aesthetic. Dreadful is the charm of what seems effortless.


Majid Jordan

Waves of Blue

"It's the story of someone's desire to love and be lost in that love. 'Waves of Blue' was made at the very beginning of this album, and it only makes sense that we begin our next chapter with this song."

- Majid Jordan


Sufjan Stevens

Meditation V

Sufjan Stevens has released Meditations, the first volume of his forthcoming five-part album, Convocations


Erika De Casier


Copenhagen-based songwriter and producer Erika de Casier has just announced her new album: Sensational, out on May 21. She also released ''Polite'', a new song about self-respect.



Send Me

U.K.-based artist Tirzah returns with a new single since her 2018 album Devotion.


Xela Edna


Rapper and singer from Montreal, Xela Edna is also part of Les Fourmis. She released a new single that stays pretty uncluttered throughout the beat.


Mélanie Venditti

Les Contradictions

Mélanie Venditti shares a new song that explores bright and dancing sound, with disco-pop colours.


Sylo Norza


Korean-Canadian R&B singer-songwriter Sylo Nozra delivers a video for his new track “Spirits.” The video is set in something of a bit of a rare scene these days – a commercial airplane. Sylo is the pilot not paying attention to the aircraft, metaphorically being an example of the "spirits" (alcohol) kicking in and running on autopilot.


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