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  • Mathieu Parent

15 Must See Artists at Osheaga 2018

Montreal's Osheaga festival is back this summer on August 3-4-5 with a great range of artists and headliners. From artists such as Arctic Monkeys, Florence and the Machine, Travis Scott, Blondie, Tyler, the Creator, James Bay and many more, there's always a lot of names that are often forgotten in smaller font. This list is all about enlarging those smaller artists and to make you discover new music. Osheaga is a 3 full day experience; take advantage of the site and all it has to offer! Go see those up and coming artists who play early in the afternoon, there's your chance to dance in the summer sun to amazing music!

Here are 5 artists from each day that you should look into!




Ron Gallo’s music is carefree but sentimental, full of baggage, fun, full of guitar shredding moments, really cool vocals and much more. Do yourself a favour and go see Ron, Joe Bisirri and Dylan Sevey play songs from ‘HEAVY META’ and his latest release ‘Really Nice Guys’. Who knows, he might even skateboard on stage, you wouldn’t want to miss that!


The LA formed and based alternative/indie rock band Sir Sly are coming back to Montreal and we will finally get to hear their brilliant sophomore album 'Don’t You Worry, Honey' live. Landon Jacobs, Jason Suwito and Hayden Coplen have an undoubtable energy that is portrayed in their music and videos that we can’t wait to dance to at the festival!


Essaie Pas is an electronic-synth pop duo from Montreal. Marie Davidson and Pierre Guerineau create a whole new universe with their elaborate sounds and few lyrics. There is something extremely intriguing about their music that makes you want to continue to listen to hear what’s coming next. With their fifth album ‘New Path’ being released, they’ll have lots of new music to share with everyone at Osheaga.


Many great artists come from Sweden and LÉON definitely is one of them. Her EP’s 'For You' and 'Surround Me' were some of our favourite collection of songs to have been released in 2017. This singer-songwriters indie pop, catchy and relatable tunes about relationships with her sultry toned vocals and cool presence is a performance you don’t want to miss!


Curly hair, glasses and a great freestyle flow-yeah that’s Jack Harlow. This young rapper from Louisville, KY is getting a lot of attention from his latest project ‘Gazebo’ with songs like ‘Dark Knight’ and ‘Wasted Youth’. It's the right time to get to know Harlow and his crew (Private Garden) of many talented creatives just like him. Check out his set!



Paupière is a french synth-pop trio from Montreal. Their music is “a raw kind of poetry fitting in somewhere between Montreal's current psychedelic scene, and the French pop sound of the 1980s. Pop at once naïve and profound, lighthearted and powerful.” We can’t wait to hear songs like ‘Rex’, ‘Cours toujours’ and many more from their debut full length album ‘À jamais privé de réponses’ live!


This french rappers’ record year is never ending! Since the release of his first solo album ‘Une Année Record’, LOUD’s been on a high. Playing sold out shows in Europe and here in Montreal, and now Osheaga? We can't help but be supportive of his poetic and sharp 'franglais' songs, especially knowing that his concerts are always a blast. If you want to experience a rap queb crowd and artist, make sure to be there for LOUD's set on Saturday.


Oh Paul, Les, Jake, we love you so bad. After extensive touring for their debut full length album we were hoping this trio would make their way back to Montreal at some point! LANY's self-titled album is filled with heartbreak, love and hope laid on really dance-y beats. This one's going to be for all the romantics and dancers out there!


This four-piece young Canadian rock band are going to shake things up. With a clear influence from Twin Peaks (the band) and a super cool debut single, we are very curious to see Calpurnia perform!


Our favourite rock girls from Toronto are coming back! Their debut album 'Late Show' was one of our favourite releases last year with bangers like 'T-Shirt', 'Money', 'Sweet Life' and many more. The Beaches effortlessly cool attitude, their energy and the music itself should be enough to get you to their set this summer!



This 19-year old self-produced solo artist will make all your moody, dream pop wishes come true. CUCO released his second project 'Songs4U' this past year which stirred up a lot of attention, resulting in a very busy 2018 for the young artist. We hope to see you swaying and dancing to his music this summer!


Aussie singer-songwriter Alex Lahey is definitely one to watch. Her honest songwriting, heavy instrumentals and powerful energy make up the perfect combination for a great afternoon set at the festival. Don't miss her performing for the first time in Montreal!


Scottish newcomer Lewis Capaldi is going to have us all crying in the afternoon sun with those perfect vocals. His songs make you feel the heartbreak through his raw lyrics and pure voice. He is one of our favourite new musical discoveries and everyone should listen to him.


Fatimah Warner is the badass NONAME. Extremely talented and brilliant with a debut album that was beyond expectations, we are really excited for this set and hopefully new music!


"A five piece from Sydney founded in the confines of their religious youth, enchanted by the spectacle of worship and deliverance, it’s no wonder their music burns with the desperation of apocalypse." Gang Of Youths is very much so that band that you stop to watch and listen to as your walking around the festival. Their recent album 'Go Farther in Lightness' is heavy in beauty and life experiences, you should definitely go see this band at Osheaga.

Check out our Spotify and our complete Osheaga 2018 playlist HERE


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