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  • Mathieu Parent


Can you believe that there’s more to Canada than Drake, The Weeknd and Justin Bieber?! Well, believe or not, there is. There are many bands and solo artists of different genres who are immensely talented. These are 5 must see Canadian artists who will be performing at Osheaga Festival 2017.


photo credit: Jimmi Francoeur


Montreal’s self described as post-punk band is a must see. It’s that band who will play an early afternoon set and to who you can just go jam to. Heat released their second album early this year. Overnight features raspy voices, cool guitar riffs and truly great tunes. Seriously, go check them out!


The Montreal singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist will make you travel through his own experiences with his music. His debut album Coastline draws from his journeys across the world. The downtempo, electronica/trip-hop inspired sound and his capable vocals will be feel good set you’ll need to see in the city’s summer sun!

River Tiber

Toronto singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist is bound to put you in a trance. Tommy Paxton-Beesley (aka River Tiber) full length album Indigo pushes the boundaries between r&b and alternative. His style and voice as an artists is fascinating. His live performance at the festival will be one to remember.


Badass Montreal duo Hearstreets are a must see. Their rap and r&b influences are greatly heard in their debut EP You&I. Emma Beko and Gab Godon encompass the cool and effortless factor to perfection. They haven’t been doing many live shows so this will be your chance to jam with these local artists. Support women in music!


Camille Poliquin of Montreal duo Milk&Bone is the unique voice of KROY. Her synth pop sounds and mature songwriting is so captivating, it’s impossible not to fall in love with her music. Scavenger is the perfect melodious album that captures many different musical influences. KROY is definitely one of Canada’s most talented independent artist.

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