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  • Mathieu Parent

Zara Larsson live review

It's inspiring to see young women in music like Zara Larsson, Alessia Cara and many others being themselves. Even with pressure of the music industry and the general public, they really thrive to do what they want and share positive messages; like it's perfectly fine to be yourself and express yourself in any way. That's what music needs right now. With men dominating the music scene at the moment, more women need to have their voices heard through their art and not be ignored.

In her live performance, she gives her all. Her stage presence and interaction with the fans is so refreshing to witness. Her whole set has the crowd moving and singing together to her hits. Zara's confidence at such a young age is impressive. She knows exactly what she's doing to get the crowd's attention and to pace herself for the whole set.

Zara Larsson was meant to be a pop star and she knows it. She embraces everything with such grace and sass while staying true to herself. Her debut album 'So Good' is truly a great piece of work. From start to finish, there's a rawness in every song she sings. This album was made to showcase the best features of her vocal abilities and her portrayal of emotions in a way only Zara can deliver.Not afraid to aboard topics in depth in her songs, not afraid to express herself and let people know what she thinks, what she believes in.

Being only 19 years old and being this talented and in the spotlight, her gratefulness and passion for what she does keeps her grounded. She's a young adult just like us and she's learning and growing through her art. I believe Zara Larsson is surrounded by a great team who push her to do her best. Hardworking and dedicated to her craft, she's going to take over the pop world soon enough.

Link to Zara Larsson's debut album 'So Good'

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