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  • Mathieu Parent

Planet Giza Kick-off 2021 With New Single 'When the Moving Stops'

Co-produced with JMF, the track pairs punchy, bass-heavy production with slick, commanding vocals from the trio’s very own Tony Stone. 'When The Moving Stops' is a smooth dose of classic hip-hop and is the lead single from their forthcoming EP release Don’t Throw Rocks At The Moon.

"This song represents doing things differently and still shining through it all (hence the sun reference)," the trio explains. "When all odds are against you that's when it's time to excel."

The accompanying official video sees Planet Giza cruising around their hometown, with video director Guillaume Landry explaining that the video’s narrative "symbolises the opening of a new chapter for the group, in terms of both sound and visual representation."

Comprising members Rami B, Tony Stone, and DoomX, Planet Giza is the genre-bending crew who reflect their multicultural background through a repertoire of diverse sounds. They attribute this versatility to the diverse community of Montreal, as well as their widely-varying musical influences.

Planet Giza launched their own radio show 'Mellow Mellow Radio' in late 2020, with longtime collaborator KAYTRANADA making an interview appearance on the first episode. They also dropped their debut album Added Sugar in 2019, an acclaimed LP described by Hot New Hip Hop as "a timeless sound that you can listen to over and over."

Their relationship with KAYTRANADA stems back to 2017 when they collaborated on 'Domina' taken from their debut EP Zayad City, which led to KAYTRANADA contributing to their full-length 2019 project Added Sugar. Since the release of Added Sugar, Planet Giza has performed at Montreal’s Jazz Festival, collaborated with Mick Jenkins while also producing GoldLink’s 'Ridd', which he performed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.


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