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  • Mathieu Parent

Single Premiere: (Should I Feel) Happiness by Sweet Daydream

Sweet Daydream is Michael Kalman’s psychedelic pop project. After falling in love with the sugary pop melodies of disco artists, as well as those of Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, and Tame Impala; Michael decided to try to record his own. He loved the way these artists could turn a melancholic subject matter into a catchy, uplifting anthem. This made the music suitable for a party, driving around in the summer, or just being at home enjoying a cup of coffee. Partially due to being shy and a bit of a perfectionist, the recordings are predominantly handled by Michael alone. Although his long time friend, Oren Pine, chimes in on drums on this song. For live shows, Sweet Daydream exchanges dense sun-soaked studio production for a sleeker, dancier sound with long groove based jams. The “all-star” band consists of Patrick Drummond on synthesizer, Eliot Roby on bass, and Etienne Grenier on drums. Michael switches off between synthesizer and guitar, and sings as well. “(Should I Feel) Happiness” is the first single from an upcoming EP that’ll be released in the near future.


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